Caribbean Cruise


June 14-21, 2014

For details please refer to this pdf

Caribbean Cruise

You can’t make this Ship up. Seriously. Just when you think Andy Albright has thought of everything ... he comes up with something new. Our Eventures team has planned an exciting, trip-of-a-lifetime cruise in 2014.

Cruise the Caribbean in style and let our Eventures team plan everything for you while you kick back for a little fun in the sun in a far out place. But, if you want to go you have to “Get Your Ship Together!” Don’t say it too fast because it might come out the wrong way. What Albright wants you to know is that The Alliance has booked 1,000 spots on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas in 2014. It’s the biggest ship in the world, holds more than 6,400 people. Our Eventures team has scouted multiple cruise lines and searched high and low to find the best possible trip for 2014.