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2017 Mediterranean Cruise


The Alliance Mediterranean Cruise


Embark on an unforgettable week aboard one of the world's greatest ships sailing this beautiful sea to some of the world's great cities. Hear echoes of ancient gladiators in the Roman Colosseum, visit the cathedrals and castles of Naples, stroll the sandy beaches of Cannes, and gaze up at the awe-inspiring spires of Gaudi's Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Put in the work and take advantage of the bonus points so you can enjoy this truly stunning adventure with your Alliance family.

Additional Information

  • See the video and poster above for information on the different ways to qualify for this trip.
  • Please see the Product Eligibility section below for which products are eligible for trip contest points, and at what percentages. Products not listed there are not eligible for points.
  • Bonus points for New Qualified TBs and New Qualified KLs are only for agents who had never been at that qualified builder level or higher for any month’s levels January 2013 through December 2015. The New qualified TB or New qualified KL is the one that receives the bonus points (bonus points are not for the uplines).
  • Trip contest points are ONLY accumulated while the agent, corporation, or spouse is a member of All Access.
  • Production must be issued-paid in the 2016 CALENDAR year: 1/1/2016-12/31/2016.
  • Controlled business (app written on an agent) is not eligible for trip contest points.
  • Trip contest points are based on NPA (Net Paid Annualized) premium, which is issued-paid annualized premium less the unearned portion of first-year annualized premium on policies that do not remain active. This means that if a policy becomes inactive (through lapse, cancellation, surrender, refund, premium reduction, not-taken, free look cancel, rescission, etc.), points will be reduced to only include the earned portion of first-year premium.
  • Some carriers do not provide us with split policy information; the agent listed on the issued-paid data NAA receives from the carrier will be the agent who receives points for that policy.
  • Married couples may email a points-combination request to help@naaleads.com (must be received no later than NOVEMBER 1, 2016).
  • Points are non-transferrable.
  • Each leaderboard has its own requirements: achievements on Manager leaderboards should not be interpreted using Agent contest points requirements.
  • Multiple trips or extensions are not awarded by meeting requirements on more than one leaderboard or achieving multiples of requirements. For example: an agent with over 300,000 points on both the Agent and Manager leaderboards meets the points requirement for a maximum of one trip and extension for the agent and guest.
  • Eligibility: NAA records will determine qualification results and eligibility. Agents must be in good standing with NAA and the sponsoring carriers at the time of the trip. Attendance is available only to those who qualify AND are invited by NAA to attend. A guest must be accompanied by the qualifier for the guest to attend the trip. Individuals who, for any reason, are unable to attend are not entitled to any other compensation, nor may the qualifier substitute in his/her stead any other person.
  • Expenses: Federal/state income tax incurred as a result of attending the trip is the responsibility of the qualifier. A 1099 in the amount of the "fair market value" of the trip will be issued. It is suggested that agents consult their tax advisor in regard to tax treatment.
  • We often provide contest-to-date leaderboards in an effort to help you monitor your progress toward your goals; but keep in mind, leaderboards are for general reference, are not guaranteed to be accurate, and may be corrected at any time. If you notice anything that may be out of place, please help us by sending an email to help@naaleads.com.

Product Eligibility

These products below are eligible for trip contest credit. A $5k maximum credit per app applies AFTER applying these percentages:

  • ALUSA: 100% credit for Final Expense and Term products through ALUSA!
  • BALTIMORE LIFE: 100% credit for Silver Guard and Home Secure; 10% credit for Secure Solutions and Generation Legacy.
  • CFG: 100% credit for Final Expense, SI Term, and Conversions from SI Term to The Lifetime Plan.
  • F&G LIFE: 50% credit on IUL*.
  • FORESTERS: 100% credit for Strong Foundation, Prepared, PlanRight, Advantage Plus, and Smart UL*; 10% credit on Your Legacy.
  • MUTUAL OF OMAHA: Other than in NY, 100% credit for TLE, TLA, GUL*, GULP*, GULE*, GULC*, GULS*, CWL, Accum UL Plus*, Priority Accum UL*, Guaranteed Advantage and Living Promise; MoO business in New York (Companion Life Insurance Company) is not eligible for credit on any trip leaderboards.
  • PHOENIX LIFE: 100% credit for Safe Harbor Term Life Express, Remembrance Life, and IUL*.
  • TRANSAMERICA: 100% credit for Final Expense, IUL*, Term and AD&D.
  • *Calculation of UL premium credit varies, often based on the lower of target premium, minimum premium, planned premium, or commissionable premium.

Limitations and restrictions may apply. Be sure to view our Terms & Conditions