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Greek Isles Cruise

The Alliance is cruising to the Mediterranean in 2015! Ever wanted to travel to where unstoppable empires and some of the world’s greatest natural wonders are located? read more

Discover Banff

Experience the tranquility of Banff, Canada in June 2016 with The Alliance! How would you like to hike through beautiful mountain scenery? Or go shopping while on a free vacation? How about a massage at the spa? You can do all of these things and more for FREE as a qualifier of the 2016 Discover Banff Contest!read more

Past Trips

The Eventures team prides itself on finding trips in destinations that you don’t just see every year. They choose trips to places most people never dream of visiting in an average person’s lifetime... read more


  • 2015 Leadership Conference
  • War Parties
  • Past Meetings

2015 Leadership Conference

The Alliance is hosting a National Leadership Conference this Summer in Burlington, NC. This conference will be filled with meetings, guest speakers, entertainment and association. read more

War Parties

In December of 2012, the Alliance held its first War Parties across the United States in an effort to provide agents access to the top leaders of The Alliance and in a more intimate atmosphere than our national meetings... read more

Past Meetings

What is it like to attend national events with The Alliance? Whether it’s a national convention or a leadership conference, you’ll find bright lights, cameras, staging, music,.. read more