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Upcoming Meetings


Family reunion
TBA 2020

If you want to implement the tried and tested sales and business building techniques used by our best performers, you need to take advantage of this unique experience!

National Convention
January 23rd-26th, 2020

Learn from the most brilliant Alliance minds in the country. Hear their techniques, copy their strategies and create total financial freedom and have a blast doing it!


Upcoming Trips

Every year The Alliance offers our agents the chance to win trips to amazing destinations that are once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


Ring of Champions

The Ring of Champions trip is open to all Agency Managers and up. It is earned by the amount of production they or their agencies produce. Only the very top tier of personal producers and agencies earn the required level of production to win the this 4 to 5 night trip, which is usually held at an exciting destination within the Americas.

This elite group of agents have the option to buy into a 3-night extension trip. Because it is a very elite group, we like to give them a more luxurious experience through upgraded hotel property and experiences. Ask the Agency Managers that have attended in the past. They don’t want to miss out on the incredible opportunity!


Annual Incentive Trip

Every year our agents can earn an all-expense paid trip by the amount of production they or their agencies produce. This 5-night trip has taken our agents all over the world, from Fiji, Aruba, and the Caribbean to Canada, Greece, and Spain! Whether on a stunning cruise or at a luxury resort, each trip is designed to reward the hard work it takes to get there and provide our guests unforgettable experiences.

Only the very top tier of personal producers and agencies earn enough points to win the 3-night extension portion of our trip. This elite group has the opportunity to experience a more luxurious stay through upgraded hotel property and activities. We specially design the extension portion of our trip to WOW our agents and their guests!


Win Your Next Adventure

Each of our amazing trips is open to any of the Alliance agents that meet the trip requirements. Check out all the contest rules for each trip and set your goals to win your next "eventure" with us now!


Past Events & Trips

Are you curious about our meetings and trips? Do you want to see if there are any great pictures of you and your colleagues from the last trip?

You can check out all the amazing events and trips we have experienced at The Alliance at www.amppix.com or by clicking the button below.